1. How do I book an ensemble for my event?

First, please fill out and submit a contact form with the complete information about the date, time, and location of your event. I will get back to you as soon as possible about my availability and will send you information about my packages and pricing. I require a signed contract and 50% deposit to reserve your date. The remaining balance will be due one week prior to the event.

2. What forms of payment do you accept?

I prefer payment by check if possible, but will also accept cash or credit card payments by arrangement. Please contact me for more details!

3. Do I need to provide anything for the musician at my event?

When playing my violin alone, I am usually most comfortable standing while I play. If it is possible to reserve a chair off to the side, I appreciate having a place to sit for the part of the ceremony when I am not playing.  Chairs are necessary for my other ensembles. For a cocktail hour or reception, chairs are required. Another consideration is having adequate shade for my instrument.  Full sun is harmful to the varnish and can cause the instrument to warp.  For outdoor events, I will need a shady place to stand or an umbrella to cover me.

4. I need help choosing music for my wedding ceremony, do you have any suggestions?

Yes! I am happy to make suggestions. When planning music for a wedding ceremony, this is the format that most clients follow:

If you are still having trouble knowing where to start, check out my blog or contact me!

5. Can you play for my wedding ceremony at the beach?

Yes! I love playing for beach weddings. I am happy to set up in the sand as a soloist or with my violin duo, but my other ensembles may need some special accommodations.

6. When will the musicians arrive for my ceremony?

We typically arrive at least 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony.

7. How loud is your violin? Is there a way to amplify your instrument for my event?

For most weddings, I do not need to be amplified. For a ceremony with a very spread out format, or in noisier situations such as the reception or cocktail hour, amplification can be helpful. I have an acoustic amp that runs on batteries or a power source. I am happy to work with your sound technician if they are providing a sound system for your wedding ceremony. If you aren't sure what is best for your event, I can help you decide!

8. Are you willing to play with other musicians such as a vocalist or church organist?

Yes, I am happy to work with other musicians. Collaboration does require extra preparation and rehearsal time, so there will be additional fees depending on the amount of rehearsal necessary before the wedding.

9. I don't see the song I love on your list. Can you learn it for my event?

Yes, I am always willing to learn new music to add to my repertoire. Depending on the complexity of the song, learning a song from a recording or other source can take several hours, so there will be an additional fee for each song that I prepare. I also need enough time to prepare new arrangements and rehearse them with my colleagues, so please contact me as soon as possible if you have special song requests. I can entertain most new requests up to 30 days prior to an event. Please contact me for my current song lists.

10. What will the musicians be wearing for my ceremony?

Traditional attire for musicians is all black, but if you want us to wear something a little different, we can fulfill most requests.

11. Do you play for events other than weddings?

Yes, all the time! Most recently I have played for birthday parties, retirement homes, memorial services, corporate events, restaurants, a Kwanzaa celebration, and even busking along the Prado at Balboa Park. I am open to playing anywhere my music is welcome. Please check my calendar or contact me for information about my availability for your event!

12. What venues have you played at before?

I have played in many gorgeous venues in San Diego and Los Angeles! I try to keep the list updated on my About page.

13. Are you a full time musician?

No, I am not a full time musician in the traditional sense. However, wedding and event music is my specialty. Think of it this way: there are professional photographers, and there are professional wedding photographers. You want a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding, not someone who does weddings on the side. In the same way, wedding and events are my craft and my profession. I find great joy in being able to make music for beautiful events- it's a wonderful way to do what I enjoy most!

Still wondering about the role that music plays in my life? Here is a little more about me:

I began taking violin lessons at age five.  I studied music in college and received my Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from Biola University. I am a member of the La Jolla Symphony and the San Diego String Quartet, and I rehearse with both groups weekly. Besides these involvements, I also collaborate frequently with other chamber music enthusiasts and a variety of other wonderful musicians. I enjoy being very involved in the music community in San Diego. During the week you will probably find me outdoors, having adventures with my husband and our three young children.


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